Update Problem

I know you may not really know how to help, but my app won’t update to 20.2 and I’ve tried resetting my iPad and reinstalling. I’ve even contacted Apple support, they haven’t really helped😂. I just want to know if you have any idea how to help because I see everyone talking about it and it won’t update for me.

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The 20.2 update hasn’t been released yet. The open beta has, although I think max capacity has been reached.


Welcome to the Community! The update has not been released yet, but 20.2 open beta has. Read the Article for more info.

Yes. The update hasn’t come out yet. It’s only the beta right now. If you haven’t been added into the open beta group, then they probably haven’t sent you a beta link.

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Hi welcome to the community! Need any help just ask!

So about your question:
20.2 HAS NOT released yet, it is in the initial Open Beta in Phase 2

Please read this blog fully.