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I’m running IF on a Galaxy s20 and even I’ve had minor crashes. The best thing to do if your on an older device is to avoid high traffic areas especially IFATC controlled to avoid crashes. I say after this week things should die down and crashes should be less common. Other than that 20.1 has been great!

Same I’ms sad

Same :(((((((((

Even if my device already 2 yrs. old there were absolutley no problems bevor the update. And wether the update 20.1 is good or bad, l don‘t know. It doesen’t work. And the hotfix didn’t help either.

Hi Jerome,

There are indeed some reports of device crashes after the 20.1 update (and the hotfix) so you are not alone in this situation. I’ve just had a look through the replies and have not noticed anyone link the official troubleshooting support guide from the Infinite Flight team. Please have a look through it and follow the steps outlined, I’ve linked it below.

In addition, I cannot see your device information on this topic. Can you please reply with your device information, like the make, model, operating system etc (after having completed the steps outlined in the guide provided).

Same was happening to me but earlier I lowered the settings to medium and also lowered the airplane count and I haven’t had a problem since. (I’m on a iPad mini 4)

Hello Maxim,
first of all, thank you very very much. You were the first to give me this tip. It works! Not like before the update but it doesen’t crash anymore.



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