Update problem

I don’t want to annoy anyone it’s just a question, does anyone know how long these service problems will be last? I have now even uninstalled and reinstalled, but no change for almost 3 days after the update. Nothing still works. I’m really patient but thats’s annoying.


Here’s a helpful arrival on the Development Timeline. A hotfix will be out shortly, most likely within the week.

Hope this helps!


Currently we do not know any specific ETA for the fix, but devs are working very hard to correct this issues!


We understand your frustration, so do the developers. They are working really hard for a fix. 🙂

Thank you guys for alll the effort youguys do it’s a new update and first time that lots of plp use it and there Wil be glitches here and there plp must just note that the reporting of issues youguys if developers know about and it’s getting fixed. Everyone 20.1 is getting fixed with its glitches remember 19.4 also had its problems but the IF team fixed it and over time the game was back to normal so we must just be patient 20.1 Wil get back to normal just give the IF development team time to get everything fixed.

Kind regards
If Development and Community.

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