Update problem

Hi, im writing this to tell you about my problem.
I bought infinite flight from phone shop and they donwload it for me for money and now there is update and i cant upade because i dont know what is the password please help me how i can update the game.

I don’t think you bought infinite Flight from the supermarket…

They don’t sell it at supermarkets.

To be clear, is it your infinite flight account password you don’t know or is it your Play store/App Store password?

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HI there,

Depending on what device you have iOS or Android any credential information that was utilized will require support from the respective store. Which device are you utilizing for Infinite Flight?

Google Play Store-



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If I understand correctly, you cannot download the update because you don’t know the password to your Play Store/Apple Store iD password. You’ll need to reset your password to get that information, but, it’s also recommended that you include your device specifications in the topic.

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