Update Priorities

Keep in mind that there are separate teams working on aircraft vs other features. Things like clouds and taxiway lights just take a lot longer. The devs have said they are working toward these features, just be patient:-)

Trust me I already have :)

This is my point tho, there are 1600+ votes on this yet we get a 777 rework…
And the 777 isn’t even the worst plane in the game by far

Community vote is of course what is looked at, but so is what we don’t have, and stuff that at this current time can physically be developed and implemented on your device. Your words and votes are being heard, but it’s a matter of demand vs reality.

Buildings for example. Possible? Yes. Would your device survive? Maybe if you had a garden shed and nothing else.


Keep in mind that some things are hard to do because IF is a mobile game. The developers are working on what they feel will improve the game at the moment.

What we don’t have is taxiway lights or 3d buildings, what we do already have is a 777

Taxi lights have been said to be in development. Lights and especially 3d objects take a massive toll on your device. Have a look at this. This is being g created so over time these things will be be able to make it tk your device.

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Also if we’re talking about what we don’t have, why rework the 777 when the MD80/90 family isn’t even in the game?

The 777 was decided by a community vote.

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Just to point out that the 777 rework has about double the amount as the Md80.

Is there a way u could link that vote I’d be interested to see it

Here you go:


Also see above

Not sure what u mean by this

Not fully sure what you mean… this isn’t the intention made by the OP.

The OP is referring to what should be looked at before one another, not when the update should be released.


Thanks :)
I do have to point out that the -300ER was the most popular variant being flown yet they’re reworking the -200?

We’re doing all. Not only the -200.


The -200ER is a smaller, and much easier aircraft to work on. We all start on the small things in life. :)

I was unaware of this, I had only seen things about the -200 like in that Project Metal link someone posted above.

Soon™️ is the term to stick to on this one 🙂

For the 777 or the other stuff I mentioned?