Update On The 797 Cockpit

DJ’s Aviation has released a video about the Boeing 797 cockpit, it will be a state of the art cockpit with potentially only 1 pilot.


This impacts the pilot side of the industry tremendously as the number of pilots needed will be cut massively.

  • I think that the 1 man cockpit is a good idea
  • I think that the 1 man cockpit is a bad idea

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  • I think that the way the airlines want to implement this is realistic
  • I think that the way the airlines want to implement this is unrealistic

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This is an extremely bad idea. If the one pilot on the aircraft were to become incapacitated, it would be impossible to fly the plane since there would be absolutely nobody able to fly it!


The video claims that there would be another pilot on the ground, who would help that pilot and others (somewhat like ATC)

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This is how you make an airline manufacturer go bankrupt. But, since it’s a part of the government since it makes planes for the U.S. military, it will end up getting funded through taxes…


So the video said that the “ground pilot” would monitor the plane from a control center. Controlling from a control center would be very hard due to a potential connectivity issue. Example: If the NMA is flying in India, and the control center is in Seattle, there’s a lot of distance for the signals to travel. Keep in mind that the ground pilot has to monitor many planes at once.


Agreed. I think this is a bad idea. But if done properly could save airlines a lot!

Airplanes live on redundancy, like the apu for extra power when an engine fails.

Only one pilot=no redundancy

This is a bad idea.


The idea could save money for the airlines, but you have to compare monetary costs (paying pilots) to non-monetary costs (safety of the passengers). Would you put lives at a higher risk (compared to having to pilots) just to save a bit of money? This is called cost effectiveness. Is it worth having only one pilot to save some money?


Unless this aircraft is still a while down the road I don’t see it happening. I mean they would have to make a plane that could fly fully autonomously through most emergency’s. And eaven outside of emergency’s the workload on that pilot will go up exponentially, and the system will have to be doible checking all his movements as a co pilot would. Not to mention the loss of confidence of so many people…

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We have to remember the Eurowings incident a few years back when deciding to make the move from two to one pilot(s). This would allow one man to be all alone, with hundreds of lives on his back. If he becomes sick, who will help him? If he potentially wants to sabotage the aircraft and passengers, who will stop him? This is a terrible idea and should not even be considered in the safety of the passengers.


Agreed. I think that pilots would be checked even more than they already are. I also wonder how they will rank them? F/O changes to ground controller? Would they need new tests?

I think we shoudl all also consider that as of now all part 121 operations here in the US atleast require two pilots. So they would have to change a law that has if anything been doubled down on since incidents like eurowings.

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The euro wings pilot passed background checks, according to checks he was good, they’re not prefect.

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Later in the video he shows a statement from Boeing-

So, very unlikely we’ll see it on the 797/NMA


Yeah, it is still a possibility.

Is it though? I believe it explicitly says it’s being desighned for two pilots…

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It is, but it doesn’t mean 2 pilots will always be in use.

For the 797 though it is conformed

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Ok, I didn’t see that.

Look if people aren’t afraid of airplanes enough, they won’t even bother with that plane, yes it looks good up front until you look at the negative impact, to add on US mainstream media would add fuel to the fire because the butcher aviation stories a ton , EX: I saw a Clip from a major station covering the 737 Miami air crash and they kept metioning the MAX crashes