Update on my second first proper flight:

i crashed


basically, my controller disconnected and since i suck at using my actual ipad to control the plane i crashed short of the runway i was trying to land on

cant wait for my third first flight

tip for next flight, don’t crash


Hello and welcome to another episode of my proper flights.

In this episode: I crashed, something went wrong, and I crashed again.

Thanks for joining my series, don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I’ll see you in one of my next awesome journeys across the world.

Best of luck for your future endeavours of making it safely to the ground. :p


Hey, to avoid making tonnes of threads about your flights you can continue this on your first thread Doing my first proper flight in the game

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“In this episode i explored the sea 6NM away from the airport” 🤣

oh ok thanks

if only it were that easy for someone like me lol

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Welcome people! In this episode we will fly from proper LAX airport to middle of the ocean airport! We will then continue to Hawaii after picking up some fish

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What type of airplane did you use? I use my iPad all the time with less than normal on the sensitivity of the controls and I do great. Already upto grade 4 soon reaching grade 5

This made me laugh

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Hey! I didnt turn on the subtitles!

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