Update on lag on newer IOS devices?

Hi there! Just quickly wondering if there’s been an update on the iOS lag issues. Ik the new iOS update won’t have helped but just wondering if it has

What device are you playing on, because I haven’t been experiencing lag.

Oh ipad 8 here’s the old topic which just got closed a couple days back


That’s a pretty new device!

Ik pretty annoying the lag is happening

My iPad Air 4 is a month older I believe. What type of lagging are you guys experiencing?

Nothing has been said so I doubt it has been fixed. But maybe a staff member can fill you in sooner than later.

Well it says at the top of the topic I just put up there. It’s stuttering and can have laggy moments at bigger airports all working fine before atc bug fix

You’re not gonna believe it I was so pissed off. That I went and bought a Samsung tablet. And no joke infinite flight killed it. The only app I had installed on it was infinite flight and I will just use it to do my long halls and things like that. I had it for one month. This device was only used for infinite flight. And I was doing a long haul and the screen froze and it wouldn’t let me touch anything, the home button wouldn’t work, And then the screen went black. I tried to shut it off and it wouldn’t work and after three days of trying to get it back on it didn’t come on so I returned it and got my money back thankfully. But infinite flight killed my device

Im making a new revised thread including everything I have found about this soon!

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Oh my thank you so much (:

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