Update on inability to control medium-busy airports


I know the IF team is aware of the difficulties many IFATC controllers are having with losing aircraft, orange/drifting planes, communication blackouts and various other bugs over the last six months or so. Based on the conversation in the IFATC Discord it seems the problem has something to do with the user’s internet speed/connection (which also mirrors my experience).

Is it possible to have a WIP/update on the team’s work to investigate and resolve these issues? I understand they may be complex and time consuming, which is why it would be great to have a transparent blog post or something similar to explain what the issue is, what is being done to fix it and any possible timeframes.

Personally, I have given up trying to control at even moderately busy airports and know many others have. For me, it is the most important issue with the app, much more than the A380 or new 3D airports or literally any feature.

Thanks for your understanding, hard work and hope you can shed some light on the issue.


This most definitely tampers with the quality of ATC. Hope there will be a fix soon!


I’ll totally underline OP‘s experience. I’m also loosing planes at busy airports with approx. more than 20 planes at once. Playing IF for a long time now I can say, it’s even worse than ever before and it’s definitely not a problem with my WiFi connection. I’m the only device online when playing IF and my setup is new and working good with other games and streams. I love playing this game but the past few months are simply unsatisfying, forcing me to open low traffic airports. I’ll also hope to get this fixed soon. :(


Same here. Super fast internet, extremely low latency, and no packet loss. Had aircraft dropping left and right yesterday at the hub. I would line one up on the runway, they would disappear for 30 seconds with a few others while others were still active, then magically reappear. No other issues with any other online gaming.

Super frustrating when trying to provide good service.


We’re still working on this and will continue to share information to IFATC members in the issues thread on Discord. As Tyler noted there the other day, we’ve been out at Oshkosh the past couple of weeks but we’ll resume work on this soon.

A lot of this is too internal-specific/technical which is why I am not sharing more, but I will continue to share information there as soon as I have anything useful


Thanks Cameron. Do you have any idea at this stage how long it might take?

I’d love to give a timeline but I don’t have enough information at this time to make an informed one. I’ll be pushing updates to the servers as soon as I have made even small amounts of progress.

I don’t expect there to be an update that “magically fixes everything”, but we’re focused on making the performance data look better from our end.


I hear update 👀 A380 when ?


Okay cool, thanks for responding

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