Update on ground operations

After landing in a controlled airport there is total confusion about where to park your aircraft and to decide which gaye or bay is large enough for the aircraft. So what i thought is that there should be a new feature so that the ground controller can assign a parking bay or gate to the pilot amd there is less confusion. This is very efficient and can reduce the problems faced when taxiing to parking. There can be a separate frequency to facilitate this in large airports.

This seems to be a feature request that you want, but you have to be a TL2 to post there in #features

Feel free to vote for airport maps here!

Hey there!

I think this is what you want.

As @PlaneGeek said, you can make a Feature request once you become TL2 (Member) So I recommend flagging the one I linked and making a new one when you reach the needed TL as it is very old!

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Yeah I don’t think the one you linked is that good Because there are no ground markings such as gate numbers or where each type of aircraft should stop at.
Also what if there is no ATC at your airport? How would you get to your gate then?
I think having airport maps would be a mor appropriate choice