Update on flight 5/7 of circumnavigating the world

Flight 5/7 was supposed to be the longest flight of the 7 from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles California. The flight was going perfect until on descent to Los Angeles, I fell asleep. I got a violation and didn’t get to land. Thankfully I’m still grade three so I can complete the rest of the flights but it sucks nonetheless. Thankfully, however, because of Southwest virtual rules, the flight still counts. So tomorrow and the next day I will complete the last two flights Needed to circumnavigate the world. I’m sorry I couldn’t compete SYD-LAX but on the bright side I can still compete my goal without having to do the flight all over again. Thanks for reading.

Never engaging VNAV before the descent

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I was already descending :/ nothing I could do. I was fighting sleep for an hour

That’s a problem no one can resolve,

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Ending your flight always beats getting a violation

He was asleep so there was no way he could have.

He said he was fighting sleep, he could have preemptively ending the flight in case he did fall asleep, it’s not like 1 minute he was wide awake and the next he was dead asleep

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Yes, but he had spent hours on the flight and he wasn’t just going to do that for a possibility.

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