Update on F-HPJB!

A few weeks ago I made post (linked below) about Air France’s first a380 retirements.
Air France Retires 1 out of it’s 10 A380’s

We now have an update! on the A380’s progress, later on today F-HPJB landed at Paris CDG showing off what it now looks like.

It’s unclear what F-HPJB will be used for or sold to, but it looks more likely to go to a leasing company.
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The last topic I made got a lot of interest, so I think it is

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Well the last topic is really a conversation though because it’s about the future of Air France and it’s A380s. I agree with @Jamster . If someone created a new topic every time an aircraft got a blank paint job, then this forum would be more than clogged.

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Sucks to see these A380s leave the sky… at least A350s are becoming the new norm!


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