Update on a Kindle

I bought IF last year via Amazon…I regularly update my apps but my IF has never been updated.

How do you update IF via Kindle…it has not worked the standard way (Apps store, Menu, Update Apps).

Fed up with having original version?

You can’t update IF via Amazon because they deleted it from your the Amazon App Store.
That’s very bad for me, too, because IF from the Google Play doesn’t work with my BlackBerry :(

Thanks for that…

I have a history of Consumer Action so (I am in the UK) and have written to my MP and also have interest from the BBC (already…)…

Not sure how long this will take…suspect the problem is Amazon…but IF could be reasonable and responsive.

Happy flying…even if it is on a less than desirable platform.

IF…response please?

Infinite Flight is still available from the Amazon App Store, you can download it here

That being said, we haven’t been able to update Infinite Flight for Amazon since last year for technical reason. The Amazon App Store is a very small market and we haven’t had enough resources to dedicate to it.

We do hope to update at some point though.


That means I have to re-purchase IF for every upgrade.

When I originally bought IF there was no distinction made in the T+C’s stating that upgrades would not be available via Amazon.

Also your extant website still promotes the Amazon logo as an indication that purchases of IF can still be made from Amazon. Yet you claim that the Amazon market is too small.

While your company may not be in the UK I am still not willing to let this matter slip.

I really enjoy IF but this somewhat cavalier approach to consumer rights (basic ones I might add) is unsettling.

Why would you have to repurchase IF with every upgrade? You don’t and it was never the case. The Amazon version of Infinite Flight simply hasn’t been upgraded. Purchasing a product doesn’t guaranty that we will provide updates. Each software you download on your app store is provided as-is.

We are a very small company and we have to make decisions based on available resources. Spending a disproportionate amount of time on updates for a platform that doesn’t have a lot of users is the best way for us to go out of business.


Darn it. I was realy looking forward to the update. :sleepy:


They use the money for adding new content and maintaining the current content what else would they use it for. And of course let’s not forget that they live (Rent, food, transit, etc.) with the money.

Best, Boeing707

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That has to be one of the silliest responses I have yet to read. If you offer a product for sale and intimate that is available for updates then that is what the customer expects.

They should either withdraw from the Kindle App Store or charge less making it perfectly clear that the App will not get updates if purchased on a Kindle.

If our money is good enough to take in the first place all this bleating about ‘not enough’ revenue on the Kindle Platform, smacks of pretty poor business sense.

@chris_harrison, How is it silly at all-I was answering the question @aircanada101 was asking and it is perfectly reasonable. It’s not like I said they use the money to buy Porches and a fruit stand.

As for what you say regarding their business sense…

They get bombarded with tons of requests daily for aircraft, regions, and tons of stuff. They were burndened with adding in a multiplayer feature.

If they think that adding multiplayer or a new aircraft is more profitable than updating an app for a small userbase, them the logical/better short-term bsuiness choice is to make the money now to fund and maintain future/current additions.

That said, it is sort of a gamble because if they gain a larger fanbase on Windows phones, they could make more money that way too.

I am at a loss as to deciding which decision would have been better. The certainly made oogles of money with the latest features, such as live by setting windows aside for a while.

If IF decided to put off all the other features to update windows, they would have had to do a lot of work because of this coding issue IIRC but would have possibly incrrased their windows fanbase and have not left customers disappointed and in the dust. That said, they would have disappointed and pissed off tons of Apple and Android users, the vast majority of their fanbase.

I think IF should put some sort of trade off for their lack of updates like you have stated until they update windows.

Note that if you are going to be emotional and argumentative I am not willing to continue a conversation. I am willing to continue if you remain levelheaded, which you seem to not be right now. It is understandable for you to be frustrated, but I refuse to deal with someone who lashes out to me on an issue that I have no control over.

Best, Boeing707

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Lol, ridiculous.

From a legal standpoint, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the sale of the product; nor a mention of frequent updates in the sales agreement on Amazon (even if there was it would be open term and not subject to the sale of the application in the first instance).

@Chris_Harrison - debunked & busted. And now we’re laughing at you.

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