Update of map data & navigation data about the fourth runway of Seoul-Incheon International Airport, Korea

The fourth runway of Seoul-Incheon International Airport in South Korea was completed on June 16, 2021, and officially opened on June 17. Hope the infinite flight team can update the airport map data and navigation data.


Source: Yonhap News Agency, Korea

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Hello seoho_ss

Thanks for the topic. Unfortunately the imagery at Seoul still displays the runway being constructed, meaning the taxiways are not there and would not be easy or realistic to implement without having some range of inaccuracies.

I can promise you that we are keeping a regular eye on many imagery sources to ensure we can get new areas of airports in as soon as possible whilst providing the best we can for a realistic and accurate implementation.

Here is an example of one of the latest imagery source (Google Maps) I can find which is compatible with IF.


thank you for your reply.

As far as I know, Google Maps satellite map data is not updated in real time, especially outside the US.

According to official information from South Korea, the fourth runway of Seoul-Incheon International Airport was completed and officially opened in June last year.

Details can be found in the news link I attached to the post.

This is unfortunately correct. Imagery is something we need to correctly draw in the taxiways and lines which is not possible without having some level of inaccuracy

We should have all the charts and stuff available for the runway, just we can’t magic something in the real world up when we have nothing to refer to. :)

OK. I understand what you mean.

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But isn’t that exactly what you did when Kai Tak was made…?

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I won’t get into the details, it’d take too long to explain at that point, but to dumb it down, the production method of Kai Tak was done based on cross-referencing multiple images of the airport from multiple angles. Put simply, if you were transported back to 1995, the airport should be similar to what you see in-game.

Unfortunately, the lack of accurate imagery might mean that there were parts of the airport that had to have some improvisation, though that doesn’t come nearly as close to making it up completely.


So it just took a lot of referencing and sorta “guessing” in a way. I still think that the airport is modeled quite well, one of my grandparents remembers flying to Kai Tak and I showed them the airport in game, and they said it was very similar to real life from what they remembered. I’m just impressed you can even do that, just purely an amazing job from the IFAET. Thanks for explaining it :D

Cross referencing does not mean guesswork in any way. Neither does improvisation. What it means is that an approximation to the highest possible degree, given the resources was made. I won’t get too off-topic in a thread that’s on a separate matter, so shoot me a message if you wish to continue the discussion.

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