Update of images of the globe

Is there any possibility that the IF team will update the image of the globe at least once a year? I would like to see some places that have no snow in the snowy IF, in winter!

Unfortunately this is not considered a priority and won’t be anytime soon.

Infinite Flight have to pay for every bit of global imagery from a third party source, as well as having to stream it onto the servers which is a gigantic amount of storage and money.

Doing this would massively reduce the budget/funding Infinite Flight have able to spend on new things (such as staff, engine sounds, various new features, liveries and maintaining Servers etc…)

I hope this helps!


Hmmm, got it!

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Maybe in a not so distant future where IF has more funds and staff we could see a update. But for now we got to enjoy what we got


Remember that it took something like three if not four years to get all the global scenery up to high resolution everywhere. Given that I don’t think many if any of the old limitations have been resolved I can’t imagine 2x a year refresh cycle is even close to feasible.


Yeah can’t Infinite Flight just get their own satellite 🙄


yea truth!

who knows in the future then

Where’s the space shuttle when you nee-… oh right.


Honestly wouldn’t be worth the investment of time and resources in my opinion. Anyways, the majority of these areas may only experience snowy conditions around 5% or less of the year. For a mobile simulator, unless varied conditions came with different seasons arrived in a future update, I think that what we have now will do fine. 👍

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