Update of existing aircraft livery

Ok, i have a question:

If a livery of an aircraft has obviously many many mistakes is there no way to update the livery until the new model is coming out ? ( And yes i am aware of that we even don’t know which models receive an update ) . I really would offer my help, updating the livery and the developers or who is responsible for the liveries could have a look over it and when they accept it then it could be uploaded. So, again, i don’t ask for a new model nor a new livery. I am talking about the Lufthansa 747-400 livery which just has so many mistakes that i really do not like to fly with it. Yes, i might be the only one but if there would be any way to help I would start with it immediately.

And sorry if this is the wrong place for my topic, could not really figure out where it belongs.

You can try to send a PM to Jarno (he is one of the guys responsible of the modelling and the texturing of the aircraft models). Point him out all the errors that you have found on the livery in detail so he can fix them in the future.

Check this thread, it’s talking about the same Lufthansa 747-400 issue(s) you’ve mentioned: Lufthansa 747-400 livery: Some major glitches :(. These issues are most likely to be fixed during a rework.

In regards to joining the team to create liveries, you must be very good at creating them to join the team. I suggest gathering a portfolio and messaging a member of staff; I assume Jarno. But don’t message him directly outlining issues with specific liveries, he most probably won’t have time to do these changes, preferably report those on the forum.


Thank you for your help, i really appreciate it. i will try this and i think this topic can be closed then.
Thanks again for your help.

Is it Jarno80 ?

@Jarno80 and @Ryan_Vince are the two known people who sometimes decide to paint skins on models… Contact them