(UPDATE) NOTAM for flying into KDEN on Wednesday March 13th

On Wednesday March 13th at KDEN there will be 30 mph winds with gusts between 50-60 mph
Out of the NW. potential for blizzard conditions
So expect low visibility.


Okay, I will take note :)

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Thank you for notifying. I will be flying into Denver on Wednesday for Southwest Virtual, so, I’ll make sure to be extra careful.

Also, I think this should be in #live

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Ok thank you wasn’t for sure

Was just about to fly out of KDEN, Thanks.

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So don’t fly out there in a 172, gotcha xD

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@den.aviation Know what gates United uses out of KDEN?

B gates so the terminal in the middle

Thanks, Any chance know gates United uses at KSJC?

Got it, Terminal A.

They could use any b gate but for the flight to six to day they used gate b23

No you definitely want to fly a c172 😜


Thanks for the tip. I’ll probably just crash then 😉


If you love spotting for pilots crashing in the expert server…
watch me at KDEN then 😂
N256E by the way


I’ll find a way to crash on the taxi way


Was thinking of doing KDEN - EDDF. Now I’ll hage to think about it more. More of a challenge? Or more of a hassle?

I prefer challenge. 😏

Challenge for sure


nothing much has changed

Should be a thread for airport NOTAMS, so it can help Pilots with flight planning,