Update not showing in game

The update doesn’t show for me. Is there a way to fix this?


Are you on 21.1 open beta?

What device are you using?

Hello. I’m not on 21.1 beta and I’m using a Chrome OS.


Exactly which Chromebook are you using?
Unfortunately, most of them is not loaded with a 64-bit version of Android which is required for 21.1

Mine is the 64bit version of Chrome Os.

What do you base that on?

Hello. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “what do I base that on?”. I’m not quite sure about the Model chrome book but it’s a HP and i checked yesterday and it told me that it’s 64 bit.

The chipset might be 64-bit, but the installed Chrome OS is most likely not which is why i was asking what you based it on :)

Can you provide the precise model of HP Chromebook? :)

This happened to me yesterday I flew from KJFK-MMMX. As I was on final I had to double check to make sure MMMX was a 3D airport. It is, but for some reason the buildings weren’t showing up. My Ipad is up to date, im no longer on beta, and it worked on the flight before so…idk

The model of the Chrome book is a 11-v010nr. “11.6”

For me it doesn’t say 3d at all for any. It’s like the update didn’t work for me.

As i unfortunately suspected. It’s not running a 64-bit version of Chrome OS (Android in desktop form…)
The chipset is 64-bit, but the Chrome OS version is 32-bit. Why some do it like this is beyond us, but Chromebooks and Samsungs seems to like doing so…

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So does that mean the update won’t show at all? No new liveries for me is much sadder :(

Unfortunately. yes.

If you follow the guide on this link, you should see it’s 32-bit as well.

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Hi I know this isn’t related to the topic but is it possible,for If 21.1 to run on 32 bit versions later on?

As i mentioned somewhere before, 32-bit is on the way out. For example;
iOS dropped it entirely 4 years ago…


Ahh ok just checking

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