Update not showing in app store

Hello, I have seen people in comments section in Facebook mentioning they have received the update for iOS devices since yesterday morning. As of this present time It’s not shown in the App Store in my iPad. All of the previous updates I have received were using móvil data and not WiFi and have always downloaded it successfully to my device. Is it possible that perhaps for this particular update I may need to be connected to a WiFi network? It is 7:00 am September 28th.

Hi there, thanks for following the development of Infinite Flight! The staff say the the update will be rolled out more iOS devices once the fix things up with the other iOS and Android devices.


Hey @sabine

This is a known issue and we should be getting help on why this is from staff very soon. There is no need to worry it’s not just your device and the update will be to you soon.

Here’s another post on it


Ok. I wasn’t aware of that situation. Thank you very much.


Thank you all very much for your support. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.See you all soon in the infinite flight skies soon.


Hope to see you and today’s special FNF!

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As far as we know, it’s been rolled out completely. We are not aware of any “known issues” regarding this.
Some devices are a bit stubborn though, so restart your device and make sure you refresh the update tab in app store.

If you’re still having issues, please reply with more detailed information about your device such as model & iOS.

Thank you.


Ok. Thanks I will do that right now.

I refreshed App Store and then immediately the update appeared. Problem fixed. Thank you guys for your kind support. See you right now in the skies of IF. Can’t wait to fly this beautiful machine.

Had some issue, was checking the App Store and No update showing. However I deleted the app , downloaded again and then the TBM showed up as available!

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