Update not in AppStore

Hello. I’m trying to update to global but it’s not shown in my update list. I’m getting worried because I’m dieing to start playing global. My iPhone is up to date

Did you turn off Automatic updates?

Delete infinite flight then download it again

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Then you will have global

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Not ready yet for android ``

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Thats why he said the AppStore

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Oh my bad, I feel a bit foolish now

Maybe refresh your App Store, it should pop up under the updates section. Also, if you haven’t opened up Infinte Flight, it possibley could have already downloaded.

On a side note, even if you do download it soon, chances are you won’t be able to play as the servers are getting hammered. I’m just waiting until tomorrow to play which might be a smart idea.

Hope this helped ;)

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But if I delete then I won’t have live+ which means no IF pro

You don’t have to worry about that, it is tied to your account, not to the app itself.

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Just sign back in once you re-download it

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As @TSLA_JOE mentioned above you won’t lose anything you have already bought when deleting the app as long as everything is under the same Apple ID

Update is still not in the store. I’m getting nervous

Delete it and re download

It’s probably becaus you are apart of the staged rollout so you will get it some time in the next 7 days

Well the servers are broken and I won’t be able to sign in. Which means I won’t have any of my planes

If you still don’t see it, remain calm. Many others including myself can’t even use the app because as I mentioned above the servers are totally hammered. Patience is key, you’ll have your shot at Global soon. You aren’t missing out on anything.

I do not have automatic updates on

That don’t matter just delete and re-download

Hmm, I would try contacting a moderator for support, good luck with your issue! :)