Update not appearing on my Honor 8. (Android)

Hey Guys, I was wondering why one of the updates are showing on my honor 8 phone.

What android does it run? And does it meet the following requirements:

Since android has been pushed 100% now it’s pretty safe to say your device is no longer supported.


Just to be sure, can you please verify that your device is OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible?

To see if your device is OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible, please install an application like this one and see what is reported.

It is saying something about version 3.2

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Good, then you should be eligible for updating.
One thing to do, might to clear out all the Play Store data… I’m not 100% sure of the exact procedure but it’s somewhere in the left menu and settings when you have Play Store open. You’ll need to sign in again.

Clear it, restart and sign back in.

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Same problem, cleaning Play Store data not help nothing. :-( No reply from support… :-/

@Ivo_Janacek i don’t see any message to our support email from you. Remember that this category is community support for ppl in the community to help each other. We do our very best to address all issues but it takes some time.

The Honor 8 should be supported. I am not sure why it is not shown in your Play Store for you. There should be nothing preventing you from getting this update. If someone figure it out, please let us know.

Please look here:

Second today morning I was sent email with all information and pictures together with android bugreport to support email. I have not acces to app in Play Store, simple this app for my device do not exist. Similar problem was about 16 month ago…

Please click these three little dots you should see your update there

Also please make sure this is fully up to date


Open this in your browser

and press the big green button "Open in Google Play Store ". This will redirect you to Infinite Flight on Play Store, from where you can update your game.

It looks like this

This looks like an issue with Google Play.

Are you sure you cleared Google Play data? (Settings > Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Clear data.)

I have an Honor 8 device and I have had the update since last Friday. Definitely not an issue with the actual device.

How I can click these three dots when in my Play Store Infinite Flight do not exist???

Sure I have Google Play Games updated version.

Many times today and not only Google Play also Google Play services. Still same problem, Infinite Flight dissapear from my Play Store.

Please look at this screenshot:

I am investigating this issue but without being able to reproduce this locally, the investigation is not simple :)