Update my congratulations to the Infinite team

Everyone who accompanies me and knows me knows that yes, I am acid in my comments.
Update 19.2 seems to promise and I say because with every update I go on my favorite plane and everyone knows it’s the A380 that still deserves attention. But I want to congratulate you because after my complaint and I believe that more fellow pilots have closed the hole in the A380 cockpit.
I also saw that my post, alias the same post criticized by some who understand nothing of criticism and ran to defend because I criticized and very certain planes and the delay in arranging them.
Yes these planes were mentioned in the publication that was made and will review these airplanes.
I hope airports are also improved because there are some that have a certain type of lock when the handset or computer contains little memory.
Anyway what I want is to praise and say congratulations to the update this new step can rather bring more pleasure in using Infinite.
The Infinite Team Flyght my congratulations. I wish for improvements and advances for all.


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