Update Maximum Passenger Count on 763

I was doing some 763 Testing on Transcon and realized that according to different versions of the 763 among different airlines, the max PAX count has been 261.

Currently, the max PAX count for the 763 in IF is 204. Most domestic flights are riding in a max PAX of 208. If we are looking for realism, that seems like it would be a parameter fix for the 763 and might be very easy, but that is for the developers to decide.

This is a request to up the passenger count at least on the 763.

Thanks in advance!

The count could also depend on the seat configuration the airline selects.
You don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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While that is true, the PAX counts I saw from seatguru addressed 5 variations in which Delta flies and high was 261 and the most common was 208. With that seat configuration, the 763 at max 204 is not realistic.


Why does he have to do that?

Because that is the norm for people who create a request

There is an entire thread on that subject in #meta. It is not a requirement but highly encouraged.

Back on topic please.


Definitely one of my pet peeves with the 767, especially when I am using the Delta livery. I just fill the plane up with all of passengers and add more cargo than usual to simulate a higher load.

I’m sure this change will happen with a future Boeing 767 rework though. :)


Agree, but for now, the PAX count might just be a parameter that could be adjusted depending on the code.

Would an aircraft rework be required for this to be updated? 🤔 I really like this feature request! (The Delta Boeing 767-300 261 passenger configuration is without winglets & is not the ER version) and the ER version with winglets are 208, 211 & 226) 😉

If it didn’t require a rework to include this feature I’d definitely vote for it ASAP.

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you should also include Boeing in what you write, because I first thought you were taking about a GA aircraft