Update Jet2.com Livery

Hi there,

This is a request for a livery update on the Jet2.com B737-800 & B757-200 livery.

In Infinite Flight, the livery currently uses to old tag lines of ‘22kg baggage allowance’ etc whereas for a number of years now IRL, Jet2.com liveries have dubbed the ‘Friendly low fares’ tag-line on both sides of the aircraft.

I feel this is a minor change, and with the creation of @Jet2Virtual, would be a massive improvement to the realism of this livery.

I assume the way liveries are added would make this change simple to implement, and I hope you will be able to update it!



got my vote 🤩

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Got my vote !

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Agreed, would make a massive difference and also the addition of holidays livery on 757 would make this VA even better!

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I agree, I feel like their holiday livery is what they are supremely known for and would diversify the VA’s livery collection.

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