Update items in Brazilian aircrafts

Hello , my name is Luke and I am a Brazilian player . I come here to tell you about some changes in the liveries of prasileiras companies in the game . Here is a list of things that should be updated in the next update :

1- A319 - TAM : Must be removed the logo "Star Alliance " of the aircraft and must be placed the logo of the " One World " . The company recently came out of "Star Alliance " and currently belongs to " One World "

2- Boeing 737-700 - GOL : Must be placed ORANGE color in aircraft engines , GOL no longer uses the white color in the engines of their aircraft.

I thank you, thank you! :)

Hello Luke and welcome to the community, right now you’re a basic user, which means you can’t post on #features , you need to be TL2 (member). To achieve that you just need to read and comment in topics :)
Only one request per topic.

It’s not that we don’t want this but also the developers a busy working on Global Flight and more. All of this will come soon or later

Again, welcome to the community :)


You need to be at least TL2 to post in #features