Update issues. Touch screen calibration

Operating system:

Has anyone been experiencing calibration issues since receiving an Apple update? For example when controlling my rudder it would be at maximum left or right and the aircraft does not respond. The aircraft will still go straight. on a taxi routine for example I will start to turn then eventually the aircraft will return to going straight when I have not programmed it to do so because I am still in a turn. So my movements looks really adhoc and sudden. It’s like the calibration is off or the touch sensitivity is not accurate. I did not drop my iPad nor have I been touching the screen any different from before. Everything was fine until the update. I am using an iPad Pro Gen 1 2018/19. Running on 17.1.1 operating system. It’s been like this ever since updating to 17.0.0.

Don’t you have the A/P engaged (Hdg or LNAV)?
I also fly in iPad with no calibration issues.
The only problem I have is when arriving to any airport with many online arrivals, the app crashes, you guy know how to fix that?

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I get that too. But that’s just the amount of traffic at that airport at that said time. It glitches. But yes all of those things are okay.


I might have run into something similar while testing other things.
It seemed like both turning and braking just stopped.
At that time I wasn’t able to look into it further.

I am now though. :)

Is there a way to reproduce the issue, as far as you know?

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Hey buddy. Been so busy with work. Yes I literally just reinstalled the program and ran it again. It’s even worse now. The rudder control and braking is totally useless. The rudders flicker wildly and the brakes you can only get 9% max before it either resets or flickers the rudder controls. It’s officially worse mate. I can’t even play and I’m paying monthly. As you can see I didn’t even realise you’ve replied as I’ve been so frustrated. I’m using an iPad Pro 2018 1st Gen. iOS 17.2 literally updated today. Please look into it. I dunno if there’s an update patch or what. I even saw in the Apple App Store while reinstalling the program someone had the very same issue. Screen calibration problems. Please help!

Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing problems.

If I read correctly, you’re saying that ever since you upgraded iPadOS to 17, the rudder slider doesn’t respond right, for both moving the rudder and braking?

What about pitch and roll?
Does tilting the device work as it should?

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Hey there!

In addition to what Jan said above, could you please send us a screen recording of you moving the rudder and braking (The issue you described in your original post and your latest reply) with touches shown? This will help us determine whether this is a device issue, or an issue with the IF app.

You can show touches in Infinite Flight by opening the app’s settings → General → Show Touches (below “Enable Infinite Flight Connect”; above “Enable Automatic Low Power”).


Pitch and roll is fine. It’s interacting with the touch screen is the problem.

Sure! I can send a recording. Will do!

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Trying to attach then screen recording, clueless. Not allowing me to attach due to the file type. Please advise.

You could upload it to YouTube and share the link here

Do you recall if you were able to make any flights with normal rudder and brake control after the update, or did the control issues start immediately (from the first flight) after the update?

When you say

Is it true or not that you’ve experienced it starting out only a little bad at first, and it getting progressively worse over time (not only getting worse with the reinstall)?