Update issue

The 787 and cam work perfectly and without lag but it in live it’s the opposite. Also both in solo and live the app sometimes just closes but it self but Ithe doesn’t say “infinite flight has crashed”. Like today i was flying in hawai and i was lining up to takeoff and boof the app closed.I’m on a galxy s6

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Have you tried flying the 787 and using free cam on Live in a unpopulated area? Do you experience the same lag then?

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What exactly is the lag you’re experiencing? Is it constant and worsening in heavily populated areas, or is it random and sporadic?

For example does it occur randomly, freeze your screen for 5 or so seconds, then continue as normal?


It happens randomly like it freezes for 3-5 sec and continues normally.

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It seems you know of a issue, you should be a IF support member 😂

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Is this issue happening with other people too?

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I use a horrible phone and that doesn’t occur. Perhaps a flaw in the phone?{Don’t kill me)

My phone is a year and two months old.

And are you sure it seems to have little relation to how heavy the traffic is?

I’m experiencing the same issue on the same device. The general smoothness isn’t quite what it was before the update, in high density traffic 3-5 second pauses are common, it was not like that before.

Even with the sliders and settings on minimum, traffic low on live, there are constant little stutters.

It doesn’t make it unplayable, just a tad annoying.

Actually I recorded a video earlier which demonstrates the pauses / stutters quite well.

About 3 minutes onwards the stutters are quite noticeable. In the previous version, the recording would have been smooth as silk.

Solo is smooth though. I’ve noticed more network problems - both on 4g and wifi I’m seeing more aircraft showing the red network error / timeout tag above the plane.

I’m not sure.

I’m uploading a video to show you shortly.

Cool. Tag me in it and I’ll get to watching it tomorrow

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Ok cool. It’ll be up in a few min.

The update was released for android platform?

Yep. But I don’t think you can buy the 787s now.

Thanks for the info sir.

Here you go

Sorry for the bad quality I had to do it quick.

Seems like heavy traffic is causing the lag you’re experiencing. This can be quite common even on the latest smartphones if you have high quality settings.

I would suggest lowering your quality settings. :)

You have a lot of airplanes rendered, what are you set to on the Live airplane count setting?