Update is Out!

Yes I’m aware of that. What I was meant to say, perhaps you could have also included Northern Ireland along with the United Kingdom.

Our blog posts aren’t that granular, we just show city name and country, thanks for the feedback though

No problem, I totally understand. It’s just that most people would think of Northern Ireland when you mention Belfast haha!

But, yes I guess it makes sense just have the United Kingdom😃

Me to! So damn excited!

Northern Ireland is part of the UK

40 new 3D airports?

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See here: Infinite Flight 22.4 - #100 by Tyler_Shelton

No, I meant that are they 39-40 new 2D airports or 3D airports? Because the blog doesnt really specify

There are 39 new 3D airports, 14 airports with updated 2D fixes/updates, and 40 already released 3D airports with fixes/updates.

Ah thanks that makes sense

I know it’s offtopic but regarding server issues if your stuck in the live airports table loading, go to solo table, then press at the same time multiplayer and fly then if you have clicked multiplayer >0.01 seconds faster than « play » you are able to bypass the table freeze and go to online mode which is working well to My end.

But it will show incessantly statistic error

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