Update is out!


I’m curious as to how many downloads you’ve seen. It may not be data you want to release but I’m curious.


Why oh why did I not bought Apple 😭😭😭…


We probably won’t share that; however we can share our current graph for data downloaded from our cdn (content delivery network) … guess what time we released the update ;p


I was referring to your previous post where you were on low by accident. Just realized you posted max settings later, much bettrr


they wont be lost… you just need to redownload all because of the new Engine Start/Shutdown feature


thats really a heavy jump lol 🙈


I will have to wait until my school is over!


Take a look


As people are still asking about Android, it will come once everything settles down and is stable.

NOTAM - Loading Issues

Some airports don’t have gate options in the airport selection
Only Runway is Available
Is the Airport edition team supposed to add it or someone else??


I could not update. Iam using new ipad pro, and when I check app store, I did not see update status? :((((


Omg the region’s are so clear now. I don’t have to give way to any aircraft 😂😂😂


Those are unedited airports.


So the Airport editing team will edit them and then their gates will be shown?


Later on. It’s up to them. There’s A LOT of airports in the world.


Is solo also experiencing problems?


Congrats with the update. I’ve waited for so long just for this update
I was very excited to see the update logo but then when I pushed it
My device wasn’t compatible for it. So yeah guess I’m the only one
Stuck with the old version. 😞😢😭


It should be, since Live and Solo both take scenery from the same server


Absolutely fantastic. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Thank you


I just preformed a repositioning flight and halfway through I first lost global connection, then I found out COS airport wasn’t there lol.
My aircraft also glitch into the ground, it went from 2.5k feet to 30k feet and back down in under a second.
So to anyone wondering, Global is still being worked on and just relax. I wasn’t able to complete my flight as it glitched out. But I have a fellow FFT pilot cursing above COS on his way to IAH so I’ll get some more info from him.