Update is out!

Finally the update is out, but I’m kind of disappointed, I have IOS 9 and I want to know if its ever going to come out on this version of iOS? O I’m just never going to get it ;( I have an iPad mini 1 which does not support iOS 10 or 11 I need to know if someday the update will be available on iOS 9. Thank you for your time. Very nice update.

Yes, I felt it was a needed addition

Now that iOS is out and running, any news on andriod? Im pretty sure most of us are andriod users

Too bad but thanks anyways

I am do that but I will still get it right

I really like the update, but it is taking forever to load. Do you have any estimated time on how long it takes for the simulator to load with good wifi signal?

I’m as hyped as everyone else and I’ve had global since alpha… that’s how amazing this update is!!

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I’m lonely all alone with no global pictures to post :/


I think your servers are a bit overloaded by now.

I can’t even play solo :D It‘s loading the game for over 7 minutes now.

The iOS build has been released but we are still working on numerous issues associated with it. We will send an Android build when we are confident we can release a stable version, which should be pretty soon :)


Yes, they are, please see above :)


Thanks for the response! :)

I’m on Android and says server down for maintenance. Patience.

Glad I’m not the only one

If u r wondering y it doesn’t load just look at LiveFlight app training server in Japan

YESSSSSSS! Woo good! Go devs!

DAAAANNNNNGGGGG!!! So pretty! Too bad my Ipad 2 is WAY to old to have the update :(

I’m just going to go to school, when I get back things should probably be faster.

I take more than 20 minutes loading , even solo i cant play

Even though I do not have Global, THANKS SO MUCH FDS!!! Your hard work payed off and you have given us so much it’s time we give back with a PRO sub!!