Update is out!

So much this! I dont mind long loading times, but i like to see that im not frozen or stuck in a loop or something.


I want the Android release because this update is AWESOME!!!

Me too. The same problem. It’s was my first subscription for new google account.

Oh, now I understand I’ll just wait for a couple of days Thank you:)

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Every one, if you want to see the scenery, be a controler! It works, have a go


my guess is scenery had not downloaded for new areas completely …

Scenery is streamed via WiFi…

I have been trying to laod in Korea for almost an hour. Restarted the app and have a strong wifi connection. Am really patient but any other tipz?

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I couldn’t get on game… Will i delete and install again? How long did you have to wait?

How long does it take to enter the game? The splash screen has been on for about 5 mins

What does Manchester airport and Dubai look like I’m on android so have to wait a bit longer😣could someone post the airports if possible thanks👍

5-10 minutes I think. I’ve been on the splash screen for 7.

It took me about 10 minutes the first time, 3 minutes the second and now im back in the loop for it. just got to be patient through the coming days as the server is at capacity!

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Ivd been on the loading screen for almst an hour 😢


\i don’t see it in the App Store for ios

I don’t really care until it’s out on Android

Our streaming server are getting hammered; we are spinning new servers as I am typing this but it takes a few hours for each servers to start (it needs to download the entire scenery locally).

The best way to help us at this point is to quit IF and wait a few hours before starting again.


Thank you for letting us know

Me too… so, to long wait for it, and when the updates come out, had the first bug, never stop downloading.

roger that will check back in at 2PM EST