Update is out!

I knew about that… someone already rold me

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Good job finishing school. Hooray

I am, restarted the app too

Guys we’re all stuck on the loading screen. Remember the imagery is streamed, and everyone is loading in at the same time. Just be patient.


I don’t have the fog though.

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Thanks for your patience everyone! You may have found that loading is taking a bit longer than what you’re used to - this is happening as your scenery data is being downloaded. As you can imagine, a lot is happening with so many people downloading the new update - this loading time will get quicker once things have settled a bit.

If you’re having a problem, please read this post - we’d like to ask that you don’t post questions/issue reports in this thread (“Update is out!”) as it’s harder for us to keep track of. Thank you!


Finally the update is out I have good expectations for it, thank you for your hard work, keep it up.


just keep loading just keep loading dodododoododdododo

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Good landings IOS User :)

Waiting for Apple to reply to my support Topic hopefully they fix it soon so I can play IF


Is the fog only in multiplayer I don’t even have the visibility settings

@Laura map glitch. YBBN and all other airports are in the ocean. (australia)

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Not to be offensive but it would be interesting if the Android update comes out with fewer issues. either way just give it some time to load. Put down the device and kill time till it comes up. :)

It takes a long time to load into a game in global

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Woow i appreciate your team’s efforts towards this achievement i hope it
wins the heart of millions thank you. #laura #infiniteflightteam

Laura, when will this be releasing to android? I cant wait to fly from Riga to Frankfurt. Good job on global. Cheers!

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Hey everyone!

You may experience long loading times for the first few hours because we need to scale our servers to handle the load.
Imagine a new highway opened, and everybody in your city decides to go try it. It’s going to be a lot of traffic.
The bright side is that we can “widen the highway” anytime we want by adding more servers.
The downside is that it may take us a few minutes actually scale our servers to actually “widen the road”.

If the loading is taking more than 5 minutes, I recommend that you close the app and try again at the same location.

Thank you for your patience!


hello laura the update is available for ios alone or for android too ?? Congratulations to the group a lot of effort

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OMG ,Congratulations on the incredible work you have done, infinite flight
will hardly be overcome now :)

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