Update in Canada?

Hello! I’m so exited for the new update, I have checked all my devices and it still hasn’t reached the Canadian stores. Or at least mine, if anyone can let me know if its a issue on my end I would love that. Also moderators are saying to check back in a matter of minutes but I been waiting for over a half a hour.

Thanks, Preston.

The update will likely be available to everyone within the enact 24 hours.

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It will come soon. It’s now in Apple and Android’s hands, blame them. You’ll get it by sometime tonight.

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Just stay patient, it will be there when it’s there regardless of device or region. Even per device/region people may get it at different times.

Not an issue on your end. Canadians are so polite, they let others download the app first! 🇨🇦

Don’t worry, it’ll come soon. The button is pushed, the app is rolling out. It’s in the hands of Apple and Google when and where they release it, it always takes a couple of hours until it’s everywhere. Thanks for your patience, enjoy the update! 😊