Update Idea

What do YOU, think should be in the next update? Here, just give your update ideas live to the public and show others what YOU think!

Not sure if this the right category just letting you know

Maybe general would work

As for an update I’d like to see that when you land there would be a path shown to your gate and the gate will become locked meaning no one can spawn in it. Other aircraft’s wouldn’t go to it because they’d already have their gate assigned.

I agree, I also think they should add the gates and terminals in 3-D

I think they already are working on it, if not they definitely know about the linger we all have for it

This is where you can vote for 3D buildings! Discuss here!

They have got to know about it, and if they don’t, Ihave no Idea how much they want to see their own game users’ ideas

I think they made an official statement saying that they know about it (3D) and also said it on a stream. They know;)

I wished Everything a PC flight sim had could be added 😂

I wish we had the 3D buildings, weather and terrain graphics like in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the level of detail would make Infinite Flight very popular and make Infinite Flight lots of money.

This is just my opinion