Update: HNA Group Ordered The 40 A330neos In December 2019 (RIP)

Possibly Qatar Airways? Though I don’t think so… My bet is either SQ, QR, DLT, or maybe even Aeroflot.

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We also don’t have to forget that Air France is a huge possibility as they currently are in the process of renewing their Narrowbody and Widebody jets. The 40 could replace their A330s, A340s, and even some 777-200ERs.

I have a hunch it could be one of the Chinese big three. Seeing an Airbus assembly line in Tianjin and the amount of A330s owned by them, I’m almost certain it’s gonna be one of the Chinese airlines.

I don’t think so since they’re going for the A350.

Please, I hope it’s Delta. Their fleet is getting a little old.

Delta has the A350 and already 4 A330neos

Have you considered the rest of their fleet? The 717s, 757s, A333, 767? They have an average fleet age of 16 years old. Several new birds are always nice, but they really aren’t a factor when a majority of their planes were built in the early 2000s.

They are beginning to refurbish some cabins which is nice, but with how much money they make (third in the world?) you’d think they’d have the latest and greatest.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the HNA Group were to order the A330neo. They are in rapid growth throughout Asia and expanding into the American, Australian and European market. Many of their A330ceo are not that old but when expanding route network to tap into more and more markets, the A330neo, does on paper make sense for them to purchase.

Then again they own a lot of 787s and A350s too, so from that perspective, it doesn’t seem as likely, but who knows, could be them, might be them for future orders on the A330neo, maybe just not now.

Additionally the Chinese market is growing faster than anything else and than ever, so it would not surprise me if China Eastern or China Southern specifically hope to expand their network from China to Europe even further, also to Australia and maybe even to some African destinations as China has huge projects in the African continent, with many of the contractors and companies working there are based in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China Southern can profit from expansion into Africa, and the A330neo may as well be the key to set their foot in that market firmly.

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It may be a leasing company ?


It’s me. I don’t know how it got out, but it was me. I bought these with my snow shoveling money. Living in Alaska and a saving for years really pays off! Now once I get my PPL, I can fly them (with no airline, lol). Anyway, yea. Now you know.

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That’s what I’m thinking. If it were an airline then it would be public information typically. In regards to leasing companies though, no one cares.

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Yes, besides they usually order a great numbers of aircraft to better negociate, and as you said, no one cares about them !

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My guess would probably be one of the 3:

Cathay Pacific
A certian military

I really doubt that the HNA group will be in the market for new aircraft given their financial situation. It’ll be interesting though seeing a Hainan A330neo

@JOSH_Byrne Cathay Pacific would be very likely. The A330s at CX and KA are ageing and would need to be up for replacement soon. The order can be divided with CX getting the majority of the NEOs while the rest of the order along with relatively young A330ceos from CX can be passed to Cathay Dragon.

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Doesn’t necessarily have to be Hainan, there are other airlines in the group that could benefit from having the A330neo, but quite unlikely at this time. China Southern mainly, would be my bet that, they are the ones getting some or most of these 40 ordered A330neo.

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Congratuations. Looks like you got it.

Update February 20, 2020: HNA Group apparently ordered the 40 A330neos

It’s now being reported by multiple sources that HNA Group, the parent company of Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, and more, was the company that placed the 40 undisclosed orders in December 2019.

This is pretty unfortunate as Hainan Airlines Rumored To Be Taken Over By Air China and possibly have its assets sold in the coming days.

At the very least, it appears that the Chinese government will be taking over HNA Group’s assets and likely selling them off.


Tbh I personally would love to see a UAL 2019 livery on some A330-800s despite the 767 being one of my all time favorites.

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Ah, You See, You See. Whether I purely guessed, had heard rumors or just saw a dream, HNA Group being the secret unidentified customer seemed most likely to me. Now let’s see how they plan to grow as we fo into the future and with their rocky economical situation plus the rumors of them potentially being bought by Air China and if not CZ or MU…?

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From what it looks like, the Chinese government will take over HNA Group and then sell of its airline assets, so I think the A330neos may be distributed to other airlines?

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I see. Is that confirmed news or still rumors so far?