Update has been approved!

Yes sorry I just clicked!

I’m about to go to sleep, and when I wake up hopefully global is released. Can’t wait!


It’s 5:30AM ET. I’m awake & ready.


Went to sleep at 3:00AM ET (4:00AM on my timezone). Here I am awake again checking the forums


Waking up right now at 2:36 am PDT and being confused by your post since you posted 3:00 am but now understanding it xD

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Credits to Laura

1st April 2016
I remembered when the first Global picture was released to public that day as aprilfools.png by Laura who was known as Matthieu Laban by then . I thought it was too good to be real, I didn’t even believe that Infinite Flight is going to be like that honestly. I took that with a grain of salt.

Several weeks later, another topic was made on #announcements . This time it was made by the other developer, Philippe Rollin regarding that April Fools Joke.

I couldn’t believe at that time that it was true. I had never expected to see a small simulator developed by a group of small developers, could make something big like this. I have followed the progress of Global Flight update and they have proven that I was wrong. They can definitely do this, of course with community and fans support. They have reached a milestone to make this update come true! 😊

Less than a year later, if I can recall it was around February/March, the Alpha testing had finally started which surprised the whole community at that time. Before we were getting to Beta by August with some additions to the Beta team 😉

Credits to @LouDon

Finally 9-10 hours ago, they announced that Apple have approved the update and will be released soon. I was surprised when I was at my school bus, finally the wait is almost over. Even though I’m not going to get the update as I’m an Android user, I was very happy to hear it!

Now, it’s only few hours away. The update will be progressively come to your Apple devices. Enjoy it and I’m sure it will be worth for the long wait! Despite feeling grateful waiting for the biggest update in Infinite Flight’s history, I have to bid farewell with the current (soon going to be previous) version of this simulator which is going to disappear in few days. We will miss this old version, alongside some annoying yet funny and memorable experiences on SoCal TS1. You will be missed by everyone here!

ATC : GLOBAL, number 1, cleared to land

Thanks alot to the FDS developers, Beta/Alpha testers, FlightCast/IF-A/IP/LF/IT developers, and also the whole community members and fans for this astonishing update! 😊

Once again, Thanks all for everything! Let’s start the countdown to the new era of a Mobile Flight Simulator! ❤✈



iOS users are just a few more hours away from getting Global (unless, of course, something “goes wrong” overnight :p)


Servers… do not 😡


Well done guys does anyone know about Android when that is out

I am just thinking if to not just buy live+ now. I now that you get Global until it live+ expires than you need to buy Infinite pro sub but do you get all the planes when you buy live+ couldn’t find this in this thread? I was thinking to buy IF pro but thinking about it now…

Asleep at 3 and up by 5, don’t sleep much, huh?

Yes you get all the aircraft with live+, that’s one of the main reasons to get it.

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Guys morning is “technically” 12:00 A.M to 11:59 A.M
So anytime within these 11 hours 59 minutes


Android users will have to wait a few days

I will be out when the DV decided , actually no one knows when exactly , this question was answered before ,I recommend to oui to read previous post .

Thanks mate was little confused :)

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When you buy live+ you get all planes and regions (but that does not matter now) if you just buy live which is just for a month you don’t get any new planes
So i thing you should get live+


Finally we are about to start swerving the air 🛫🛫🛫

I know I had live+ for 2 years I just that I didn’t know if I get all the planes for Global when it comes that’s why I asked by know I know thanks for help

waking up at 0400 AEST to play before I leave I can’t wait. It’s been a long 18 months and thanks to FDS for getting it done, see y’all in the skies!