Update graphics on American Airlines (old) livery on older aircraft

Hi, so I noticed that the graphics on the
American Airlines (old) livery are rather “outdated” on older aircraft. (Including Astrojet livery in the 737-800)

list of aircraft

Boeing 737-800
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300

photos for comparison.

The graphics on the 777-200ER and MD-11 appear to be “chromey” and more realistic than the 737. While the livery on the 737 is just a texture wrapped around it and it looks dull.

It would be cool to see the graphics getting updated on the aircrafts as the new ones look very pleasing to me (and hopefully to you as well).

Feel free to vote if you can.

This should come when the 737 gets a full rework, since the IF team has more resources and is always improving with their reflection/texture rendering quality (no matter your graphics settings). The 737 only got a live cockpit in 20.1, but it might get a full rework in the future, but who knows? Same thing applies for all other aircraft, such as the AA 757.

I agree, I can’t wait until the chrome liveries on other aircraft are updated to the standards of the MD-11 and 777-200ER. I support this, but I’m out of votes.

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Hasn’t the 737 been reworked twice in the past couple years tho…

Another one won’t come for a whileeeeee


Well I mean engine noises, APU noises, opening fuselage doors, maybe some wipers could make it a full rework if you want to compare it to an actual rework like the 772.

Either way, a small fix surely can’t be that hard can it?

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Yeah, we’ll have to wait a bit. But it’ll come someday. 😂

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The American livery on the 737 is an older “skin” when compared to the 777 or the MD11. Updating the livery graphics is likely not as simple as it may seem and may not be the correct model to wear such chrome. That said, the process and method that liveries are done now is likely different than what it was a few years ago.