Update frequency?

I’m not quite sure which category this is fit for, but I just wanted to ask about how often new planes come to IF? Of course I know most answers will not be 100% accurate, but I just wanted to know an estimate. Thank you.

This one is:

The updates don’t have a set frequency. It depends on alot of things which really means they’re unpredictable.

Lol, not what I was expecting, but true at that. I should go and look to see the planes added in the past to see if there is a pattern.

Be patient… Everyone knows update will be here Soon™


I mean, theoretically, you could take the dates of the previous aircraft updates and use some math to find the average time it takes 🤷🏼‍♂️

Usually with new updates new liveries come but not always. The updates come every few months or so.