Update for kindle is out!

I got up this morning in Alaska and checked the update section and it was there! It has arrived kindle fire users! The wait is over! I’m downloading right now.


I hope you enjoy it!


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I am so happy for Kindle users they are neglected a lot at times which is a shame but I hope you enjoy it 🎉


Congrats to the fire kindle hommies. Have fun with the update.


Loving it so far, just waiting to get my 787


I got it too, iam so happy!!!🎊🎆🎇🎉😂😁😎

My first landing in my 787. Smooth landing


Healthy, I just got it too!! Finnallllllyyyyyyyy!!!

Sorry didn’t mean healthy**😞😂

I saw u use thrust reverser lol.

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Haven’t been around much lately because of football camp but I’m so happy to see this! Now I have something to do on my day off, thanks devs!

Hi guys so infinite flight is available on the kindle fire? Totally new to all this and thinking it be easier to use on a bigger screen for myself how big is the screen on the fire

I think it I about 10" but here’s a picture and you can make your judgement.

Thanks is the kindle the same platform as other tablets etc on the market ,I wanted to get into flight sims but instead of the laptop I am thinking of this route thanks

If your asking if it’s an Android then the answer is yes, but it has its own appstore run by Amazon.

Thanks i was wondering why people were saying the update is out cheers 😊

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That’s interesting you should say that as yes I have been wanting a flight sim for a while,just looking at options mainly because to get a pc one think might be a bit to much ££ and I don’t always get to spend hours on it,how much would an average pc set up cost would you say I am surprised that they don’t launch this into a pc/ apple game just a thought

I would hate that as I don’t like PC gaming at all it ends up being really complicated this leaves me with IF the only realistic sim without a computer and it’s far cheaper as decent PCs are expensive