(Update, flight completed) Long haul from PHNL to KLAX

I just finished this flight. I really appreciate the amazing job the approach controller did. He or she’s pretty amazing. Great thanks! End this topic with a landing on RWY 24R pic~

This is my first long haul on Expert Server (with ATC instruction). As you can see from the title, I am flying from Honolulu Intl to Los Angeles Intl. I flew several long hauls before; most commonly KLAX⇆EGLL (You will definitely know the reason if you reach Grade 2😂). The longest one is probably ZSPD-KBOS with a stop-and-go in ZSQD for refueling (Probably pretty long from my point of view). Post it just for a memorize & thanks to the great service from LAX ATC (100+ arrivals, insane), although I haven’t got this currently. Also, anyone is or was on same route?

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Always wanted to fly to or from Hawaii and the West Coast. Fortunately for mothers its Mother’s Day so their kids don’t have much time to play today.

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