Update/fix LEMH

Iv’e found a important error/major problem with LEMH Menorca airport , i was excited to fly into Menorca as I have flown into and out of Menorca a few times. When i was making my flight plan i noticed that the map showed 2 runways o thought this was a bit odd, but when i was on final i could see 2 runways. Please update/fix LEMH Menorca as i would love to fly to back into/out of it again.

Please fix/update:
The runways by making only one (runway 19 and 01) make the other runway into a taxiway.
Add taxi lines.
Mark out stands/gates.

how the airport is meant to look like.
I understand that IFAE are busy but would appreciate it if it can be updated as soon as possible becuase i would like to fly this in the early summer time thanks.

You can join the Airport Editing Team and you can fix it and hopefully be in game.

there is only one runway in IF for this airport

You must have been seeing LESL as well

Hey there!

My name is Balloonchaser and I am an airport editor with the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team.

The airport in question here (LEMH), was actually just redone completely from scratch by me and was pushed into Infinite Flight recently during the February Scenery Update.

I am happy to tell you that i’m not seeing any issues on my end (through our editing software to Infinite Flight itself) and that it may just be a GPS Approach Line from a close by airport (LESL) that you may be getting confused with.

Anyways, If you see anything wrong with this airport of mine or any of my other edits, please be sure to let me know via Private Message and I will take a look at them.



Hopefully an Airport Editor takes note of this.
EDIT: Thanks, @Balloonchaser for clarifying the situation.

This happens a lot with certain airports.

About one year ago, Dallas Love Field didn’t have any gates, so an Airport Editor was assigned to work on that airport.

@AviationJack, just to let you know, he doesn’t have to join the airport editing team.

Also, just a huge thanks to the Airport Editing Team in general. You guys help make this game super enjoyable! :D

hi i just want to say thankyou so so much now i cant wait to fly into/out of LEMH thanks again

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i’m sorry i flew in here about 2 ish moths ago and only just remembered to post this, ive just spawned in and seen that it has been updated im sorry but also very very very happy thanks all