Update failed

I installed IF on my IPad (iOS 9.3.5)… Last update failed and I don’t know why? May you help me? How can I solve the problem? Thanks a lot for your help…

Hello, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately Global only supports iOS 10 and above for now. It also means that users using iOS 9 aren’t able to enjoy the update unfortunately. I hope it clears the confusion

For more informations about Global, you can have a look at a topic linked below, thanks and have a good day!

In case you are looking for a new device to access Global. Here are the lists of iOS devices that supports Global and OpenGL ES 3.0. Check it out here. I hope it helps! ;)


first off,

Global can’t support Apple operating systems lower than IOS 10.

To update you must first update your operating system to the latest version.

You need to update your IOS device

You should check your iOS version on your device simply follow this helpful link from Apple, if you have an update simply download and install it.

Just a little heads up. E.g iPad 2 and iPad 3 can’t get newer version than 9.35.