Update date

Can anyone give me a rough date of the a350 update? I’m just wondering and not to push the developers to work harder than how much they already are

It’ll come when it comes, the date is unknown, and so is the time.

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The projected time frame is late 2019/early 2020


@Alphadog4646 said all there needs to be said…

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Diamond is giving the correct info though, which is also helpful

oh I didn’t see his post until now…

IF does not give release dates as anything could happen during development which could delay the release of an update. But to give you a rough estimate, I would say the A350 should come out between December 2019 and March 2020. That’s pure speculation though.

Just want to confirm, the “late 2019/early 2020” is a direct quote from a staff member.


Will clouds come first though?

Maybe. I assume they will come in the next update.

But we’ll have to wait and see.

Updates will come when they come they do not give out release dates because if anything goes wrong during development it would put the devs under pressure because the people are expecting it on that exact date.

The devs/mods aren’t given deadlines, that’s one of the mains reasons we don’t have a projected date. There doing there best though, I’m sure.

You can use the equations below to calculate a rough idea of the A350’s release date.

<𝑆𝑖𝑛θ>=0 ; E=mc^2 ; LF = E * Sin(0).

Whoops, sorry. Those are the calculations for the meaning of life.


The A350 may not even come out first due to them working on the new map, 777x and the cessna, but I’d say next 4 months at most.

clouds? better have rain in the package

The developers have said that the A350 will not be push backed in development because of the 777, Cessna, etc etc. It will come out when it’s ready, tho, it will come out before the 777, I think…

Probably, I think that was in a blog post, but it’s not like FDS have a massive team so eqch of these new things will surely slow down development slightly.

I’m guessing the next update is with the C172 and so that will have clouds???

As long as they have fixed all of the bugs that caused the delay of their release in the last update, then, yes, clouds will be released in the next update, with or without the C172.

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It will come when it’s ready.