Update Crashes

I have reinstalled and restarted my device and still doesn’t work. I have an iPad Air 2

I dont think so, this is not even letting people get the servers full

It could happen

Have you guys tried reinstalling the app?

When does it crash exactly?

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It crashes upon opening.

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Strait away after opening

It crashes immediately upon tapping the icon

Yeah, I’ve tried multiple times, it crashes exactly after tapping the app icon

You uninstalled, then installed, it still crashes?

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I’ve reinstalled twice and restarted 3 times.


Yes, still doesn’t work on my side

Reinstalled, rebooted, crashes when the screen goes black so about 0.5 sec after clicking the app

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Please list your device/versions.

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Thats what I have done.

iPhone SE ios 11.2 …

Yes. Reinstalled and nothing

6S with IOS 10.3.3 . Wont let me update.

I have the same problem, only it’s on an Ipad from 5+ years ago

IPhone 6s and iPad mini 4

Both devices crash?!