Update Crashes

Update to IOS 11, that seems to be the solution to people who have IOS 10

Lets see if the FDS can do something first. That would be my last resort since I dont really like IOS 11 although I do love it on my iPad. I wonder when they will release the update for iPad mini 4? It should work since I have IOS 11

I’m running IOS 10.2 on the iPad mini, I cannot update to IOS 11, but I have a iPhone 7 running IOS 11.2 and it works perfectly fine.

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My iPad Air 2 is stuck download the DC-10 and MD-11 and it’s says 100 percent but I can’t select it

Have you tried restarting the app? If so try resinstalling it.

Try restarting the app or restart your device and relaunch.

I was having the same problem with the app crashing. Updated my IOS to 11.2 and it worked straight away.

Thanks to the devs, the new update is amazing!

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Same problem here! Ios 10 user here

It looks like updating the OS (Operating System - iOS 11.2) solves the issue in most cases.


im on ios 11.2 and it works fine
Ipad mini 2 is my device

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About to send an email your way with all the info on an IOS10 then will update and see if it crashes then too

happened to me give it 5 mins or so cuz i can see your from brissy like me and the internet gets pretty weak in the mornings

Update your I Pad to actual IOS 11.02 and it will work fine. I had the same problem and has fixed it by updating my Ipad

Ios 10.2 user here i got the same issue

@paparomeo007 Can you update to iOS11?

Yes. Is that the only way to solve this issue? update the os?

So far many users have reported that updating to iOS 11 seems to resolve this. Although not guaranteed. Give it a try and report back.


I can also say that works. I updated from 10.3.3 to 11.2 and it now works great.


If it helps… I updated to IOS 11.2, then updated IF to the new update, then restarted device, and had no problem. iPad Air 1st Gen.

Then something else happened. I have 16 GB storage, and before I updated to iOS 11.2, I had 2 GB free. After updating, IF suddenly grabbed that remaining 2 GB and my storage is now full (to recap, IF went from using 3 to 5 GB… would that be related at all?)

Hi Everyone.

I attempted to launch the App after updating on my iPhone 8plus which is on the latest software. It started fine.

My iPad Air 2 which was on the previous software didn’t launch after updating. I’ve since updated my iPad Air 2 to the latest iOS software. It works great. Hope this helps.