[Update]China Eastern Airline went off the end of the runway

I found those images online!

On October 8, Civil Aviation Administration of China released the final decision regarding penalties and responsibilities of China Eastern 5935 accident.

Both Captain and First officer of the flight received administrative penalties according to the regulation; the detail is still to be released. China Eastern Yunnan Division has received a suspension of three months on adding new routes, flights and charter services, as well as a forced reduction on total flight time that this particular division can operate during the period of suspension and fine .


Woah… Thats weird…


I’m glad everyone is safe :) These old 737’s should be retired, their not safe

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Weird, a wet surface. Maby he landed further down the runway than normal? Seems like a rather normal thing to land on a wet runway.

Yeah, exactly what I’m thinking… The weather doesn’t look that bad in those photos either

Since when was the 737-700 a particularly old plane? It’s not that old. Plus, you can’t immediately blame the aircraft. As you can see, it was attributed to poor runway conditions not aircraft malfunction.


All those old A320s should be retired too, they’re not safe either :)

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This particular aircraft is 9 years old😁


An A320 crashed, we should retire them because their unsafe.

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That is a 737-700, which is by no means old…


Air koryo has safely operated 30 year old planes.


Hmm, that’s odd.

Where did you find this information? That’s pretty cool you can find a planes history

I just google’d the registration😂

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Google is the new master race 😂😂

At 9 years old? If they’re so unsafe, I’d be dead by now, all of the past 12 aircraft I’ve been on were over 10 years old.

If they landed in the DZ and still stopped long, why didn’t the pilots program a wet runway for their perf calculations? The plane should stop unless the pilots landed really long.

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I really wanna know if the pilots have full responsibility of this event

BA still operates 24 year old 747’s.

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