Update bumped me from Grade 3 to Grade 2,..Why?

So I updated the app, and paid for another month of LIVE. Once I start the app It told me that I couldn’t access the advanced server because I was not yet grade three,… but I was grade three t

he last time I played,… and my stats are still there but it says Im grade two.

So pay money for a sever I cannot access?? What gives??

You have reached a violation. Results to bring you back to Grade 3, is 3 days max. Also your 4 landings off from 90 days! Keep on flying.

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It requires him to have 5 landings in 90 days and he has 1 and allowed 3 violations in 3 days and only has 1 think it’s his landings


How can I have a violation when I haven’t played in over 3 months?? Those violations are from when I just started over a year ago.

Most likely the requirements updated.

So I pay money for the flight time, but am denied with no official explanation from the company that makes the game. Thats all I needed to know.

Oh and Infinite Flight,…where ever you are,… Having a message board for fellow fliers to help is NOT the same as true tech support.

Anyone having any issues with landings not counting on your profile? I’ve made 5 lands so far and none are showing up.

Did you fully read my post, you don’t have enough landings is what is holding you back has nothing to do with your violations and you do need an hour flight time as well

Look it’s to stop people who don’t know that hold short is not line up and wait from getting onto a server that is for EXPERT players the ones who know what left downwind is and what a ILS is. If you don’t like it fly solo :)

Happy flying.

N881RA, I appreciate that, but Im curious as to know how new fliers were supposed to know that. The transaction details said nothing about any of that- it said PAY and you can fly", and I did, and I couldn’t.

I appreciate that there are rules and such to prohibit newbies from coming in wreaking havoc, but that having said I am not a newbie and I was unaware of these prohibition. I paid 5 days ago and cannot access it, and the people collecting the money want me to come here and hunt through tens of thousands of messages to find my answer with no sense of responsibility to provide support I find that offensive.

And it’s not just this company. I cant count how many companies charge money for access to their product and then fail to provide support of any kind. Since I cannot contact support I will be contacting apple to get my money back. It’s really just that simple.

Then maybe Infinite Flight can come here and hunt thru tens of thousands of messages to discover why I did that.

Thanx for your help N881RA, and everyone!!

13 days later, 41 landings and 6 hours of flight time later Im still grade 2. Where is Infinite Flight tech support??

bro what tech support do you want? it clearly shows you what you need to be grade 3 in orange. 50K experience. get your 7k experience and you are back to grade 3. I understand you were grade 3 before but they changed the requirements for it from 10k to 50k. You are almost there. There is no need for tech support.


To many violations

Ive been accessing the expert server for 7 days. I refreshed my credentials as others suggested, had complete access, was returned to grade three for for a week. and an hour ago Im bumped back to grade 2. I was grade three this morning. I flew for an hour at grade three on the ES. Im grade 3 Im grade 2, Im grade three Im grade 2???

WOw. …sorry but I think it’s messed up.

No, it would appear they raised the XP requirement. So it’s just bad timing I reckon but a little notice might have been nice.

They did bump it up but look how many violations you have. 5 in one day and 25 in 3 days. Your allowed 2 in 1 day and 3 in 3 days

How is that even possible? I know of only two violations and that was for speed,… I got distracted by something happening around me and blew the speed twice,… But I haven’t received any sort of notice of any kind. 25 in three days?? That isn’t even possible. I guess Im just done with this video game. It was fun, but I guess I just cant figure it out. There’s just no way that is accurate.

First off it’s not a game it’s a SIMULATOR there is a massive difference

Second. Why give up and a amazing simulator when you don’t know how it works. Come on just learn

Look over in the far tight column where it says YOU. 0 violations in one or three days, 0 ghostings.

Ok so 25 violations when I was grade 2 and didn’t get the live ATC thing- pretty sure that was last year,… You know back when I was grade 2,…you know,… I mean before I was bumped back a week ago again,… and now again today.

You could just spend more time on infinite flight and then you get the landings done which will upgrade you to grade 3.