update all the old planes?

I was just wondering about something about all the old planes that had been on the infinite flight when it began. the question is will all the old planes such as the 747-400, 777-200 and 300 etc get updated with the wing flex like the Airbus 320,19, and 18 did? I was just wondering because I am doing a flight from Vietnam to Sydney on a virgin Australian flight with the 777-300 and I was wondering when it would get updated with the wing flex and all the new jazz that you guys have been so brilliantly put into the game.
Anyways hope everyone is having a good time on the infinite flight and hope to hear from someone soon.
safe flight all.

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The reworks will come with time. FDS can’t do everything at once.


All planes will eventually be updated to the standard of the new CRJs. Older planes will (theoretically) come first, but whatever the devs decide to do is what happens. :)

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Over time, as both of these gentlemen have noted, the aircraft will receive some sort of update. Whether its a full rework or a cosmetic rework like that of the Airbus 318-321. The CRJ was in Infinite Flight for years, and it was voted for a rework last year by the community members. FDS may reach out or even observe the votes on the feature requests we have right now to rework said aircraft.