Update airplanes

Can you guys update all the planes with glass cockpits?

You are free to vote for the reworks in #features. And answering your question, updating all the airplanes with glass cockpits will mean years in redoing cockpits, and that’s not even counting the fact that with older airplanes making a new cockpit would mean the need to rework the entire airplane, as said by devs

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Overtime they will come:) small team lots of planes and lots of attention to detail 3 wide body’s just got reworked for 20.2
777 Family
A32X Family
B73X Family
That’s a decent amount of aircraft reworked in the last year and a bit and there’s other features that have been added so


In due time i believe this is the goal but remember not every aircraft will have glass cockpits…

Okay thanks yall

No problem, enjoy the sim and have a good day