Update AIRAC

Hello team, it has been a long time since the procedures of Departure (SID), Arrival (STAR) and Approach (APP) of airports and fixed are not updated. I make my flight plan on Simbrief and there are times when it doesn’t hit the exit of a certain airport We also don’t have airways (air corridors) and that could have. We also had no changes in the Guarulhos Runway (GRU) numbers that went from 09L / 09R - 27L / 27R to 10L / 10R - 28L / 28R. Please try to make these updates as soon as possible, well I know it’s complicated to do this. But it’s not impossible either

AIRAC is not followed in Infinite Flight. For the most part when we get a navigation update it will be correct, but at the same time, Infinite Flight gets stuff like this from NavBlue but we don’t get the monthly updates from them.

We’ve already gone over this via email?